Medical Equipment
& Consumables

Medical Equipment & Consumables

Medical & Surgical Consumables

Comsys Brings safe and certified as per relevant CE, FDA, ISO standards It is important to adhere to strict quality standards for all medical and surgical consumables, as a small non-compliance could cost a life. Our experts can suggest/lead you to the right solutions, based on your budget and need.

Medical Equipment & Consumables

Dressings &
Wound Care

To prevent secondary infections and complications in recovering patients. We have a comprehensive portfolio of wound-care solutions for acute and chronic medical conditions, class of wound, and based on open/close wounds. Reach out to us for any assistance.

Medical Equipment & Consumables

Sterile supply &
CSSD consumables

CSSD and other sterilization consumables have to be constantly replenished in all hospitals and healthcare facilities. A slight ignorance could cause an increase in hospital-acquired infections and diseases to a greater degree. We, at Comsys Qatar, help you to keep this stringent check at regular intervals, by offering a wide range of sterile supplies & CSSD consumables.

Medical Equipment & Consumables

Respiratory Protective Equipment

To combat the rising need for respiratory support, we host a different range of respiratory protective equipment’s, ranging from breathing aids to air-purifying respirator (disposable, ranging from FFP3 to surgical masks), powered air-purifying respirator, supplied-air respirator, auxillary escape respirator, and self-contained breathing apparatus.

Medical Equipment & Consumables

Airway Management Devices

Airway management devices are extremely critical as they are mostly sought after during medical emergencies. Comsys facilitates an array of airway management devices which aid in managing the airway, which includes face mask ventilation, supraglottic airway devices, tracheal intubation, equipment for emergency transtracheal access, and devices for airway clearance.

Medical Equipment & Consumables

Protection & Patient Isolation Shelters

In order to contain the spread of infectious diseases, it is of paramount importance to have quick access for patient isolation shelters. We cater to every need for the protection and isolation of patients in shelters, which includes basic PPE kits, hygiene kits, safe handling of food, detailed environmental decontamination equipments (negative pressure blower with germicidal pre-filters, sterile UVC light, and HEPA filters), waste management, and pest management.

Medical Equipment & Consumables

Emergency Unit

Mobile Emergency Units are designed to help patients who need immediate medical attention as a result of trauma or other life-threatening conditions. We have state-of-art tailored solutions to meet all your mobile emergency unit needs, ranging from setting up the entire mobile facility to offering specific solutions, keeping the patient safety and reducing the risk of infection as the highest priority.

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