Medical Gas System
& Accessories

Medical Gas System & Accessories

Regulators &
Flow Meters

Since medical gas regulators are designed to deliver lifesaving and highly important medical gases to a critical patient, uttermost care needs to be exercised in choosing the right solution. Being the early players in the market from 2010. We supply gas regulator systems that are engineered to withstand the stringent demands in hospitals, emergency rooms, and other medical facilities. All medical gas regulators are assembled and tested to CE &FDA standards.

Medical Gas System & Accessories

Distribution System

Patient safety is of primary importance in the design, installation, commissioning, and operation of medical gas pipeline systems. The system must be operational 24/7, with practically zero downtime and its failure can be fatal if not restored at the earliest. It is a highly technical field, and an in-depth knowledge is a must to ensure safety with the system. Comsys Qatar have well-seasoned technical professionals who help to define, build, validate, install, and maintain your medical gas pipeline systems according to your need.The pipeline distribution system is an integral part of all medical Gas Management Systems. It serves to bring all required medical gases and vacuum to areas where they are needed. With a properly designed, installed, and maintained distribution system through the appropriate gas shredders and splitters.

Medical Gas System & Accessories


Cylinders that encase medical gases like oxygen, medical air, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and nitrous oxide are equally important, and to cater to this need, we have different variants of cylinders of different sizes, composed of aluminium or composite material, which makes it lightweight and easy to transport from one location to another. Reach out to us for more information, and we can guide you based on your need.

Medical Gas System & Accessories

Resuscitators &
Demand Valves

Resuscitators use positive pressure to manually respirate patients who have compromised breathing, until the patient is transferred to a medical ventilator. We have a carefully chosen list of manual, pediatric, self-inflating, and gas-powered resuscitators that comply with AAMI & FDA standards. We also host a series of demand valves and related accessories.

Medical Gas System & Accessories

Medical O2 Kits

Oxygen is an essential gas administered to patients at all levels of the healthcare system, including in surgery, trauma, heart failure, asthma, pneumonia and maternal and child care. Pneumonia alone accounts for 8,00,000 deaths per year. It is estimated that 20–40% of these deaths could be prevented with the availability of oxygen therapy. We have tailored Medical Oxygen kits comprising of cylinder pre-filled with medical oxygen, valve, regulator, bag, mask/cannula and a user manual is available for various oxygen capacities.

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